Balkan’s Dark Side Tour

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Find out more about the horrors that occurred during the war in Bosnia. Sarajevo was the city that held the longest siege in human history. This tour will definitely leave you speechless. A must do for every visitor to Sarajevo!


Balkan’s Dark Side – a Sarajevo War Tour

Our Sarajevo War Tour is a must do tour when in Sarajevo! Many people have heard for this small country only through media which were reporting horrifying scenes coming from this region. Bosnia & Herzegovina has suffered very hard aggression and it has been found as one of the greatest in modern history.


The war in Bosnia & Herzegovina started on the 6th of April 1992. After four years of heavy siege, war ended on the 14th of December 1995. This war can be tightly bounded with the breakup of Yugoslavia.


Since living in the multi-ethnic society and surroundings, Socialist Republic of Bosnia & Herzegovina was counting three different nations as the major populations of the country: Bosniaks (most of them, when speaking in percentages, were Muslims), Orthodox Serbs and Catholic Croats. The obvious implication was referendum which happened to be on the 29th of February 1992.


Political referendum was rejected by the representatives of Bosnian Serbs who were living in Bosnia and Herzegovina. Bosnia’s declaration of independence led to the war. The war was supported and planned by Radovan Karadzic and Serbian Republic Army. They also had support by the Serbian government of Slobodan Milosevic and Yugoslav National Army.


The idea of the war was to have ethnically clean pro Serb territory. That can be strong enough answer why the war actually happened. War spread all over the country much quicker than expected.  The citizens of Bosnia and Herzegovina were pretty much unprepared for the war. War happened all of a sudden and was a part of very well planned strategy.




Our Sarajevo War Tour is the best example of the horrible things that Bosnia was  going through from 1992-1995. On the tour you will have the closest experience to the latest war that affected Europe. While driving through the whole Sarajevo, pay attention to the buildings because there are ”scars of war” everywhere. Bullet and shrapnel holes are still visible everywhere as a witness of death, blood and tears of the innocent.


Sarajevo War Museum – Tunnel of Hope


Tour includes a visit to the Tunnel of hope, a Sarajevo museum and the most important building during the war. There you will learn more about its significance of salvation of Sarajevo. The Tunnel was constructed during the siege, in 1993. It was located under the airport railway and had a purpose to connect two sides – Dobrinja and Butmir.


At the very beginning, the tunnel had name “D-B” tunnel. Those were the initial letters of the previously mentioned territories where Bosnian soldiers of the were positioned. The tunnel had enormous significance in the war. It was the only way to get to the free territory. It had many purposes – transport of weapons, citizens, medicines, food and water, wounded people and trade. Who and how used to pass through it, you will find out in detail by booking our Sarajevo war tour.


Most of our guides were themselves the children and are the living witnesses of Sarajevo in war. Each and every survivor of the aggression actually have own story to tell. Each survivor has memories to share and the strength to repeat it as many times as needed. All in order for horrors not to happen to anyone again.


You are also going to be shown a documentary movie about the plan and construction of the Tunnel. In the short documentary you will see the destruction of Sarajevo during this terrible siege. Surely you will recognize many of Sarajevo buildings through the flames and destruction. 


Markale Market & Sniper nests


There are many points of interest on the tour where Sarajevo civilians ware engaged. Such is the market place Markale, a place of two horrible massacres. These massacres were also a part of the plan of the Serbian aggressors. The first massacre happened on the 5th of February 1994. 68 people died and 144 suffered severe injuries. The second massacre happened on the 28th of August 1995. 43 persons were killed and 84 have suffered severe injuries.


Apart from Markale market, you will also visit places from where sniper nest were situated that terrorized Sarajevo citizens. Dobrinja, the part of the Sarajevo under the mountain chains, is a city block which was constructed for the needs of Olympic Games. This part of the city served as Olympic village where participants of Olympic Games ware situated.


Dobrinja is approachable, easy for orientation and close to the Olympic Mountains. City block was very well planned and organized before the construction even begun. If you look at Dobrinja from air, you will notice that buildings have been positioned like squares in a row. This way of construction was perfect match for the sniper positions. Hundreds of citizen died only in Dobrinja during the war period from sniper hits.


Olympic village & Sarajevo Bobsleigh


For the end of the tour we always talk more about positive times of Sarajevo history.Sarajevo Winter Olympics in 1984 represent the time when Sarajevo was the center of the world so a visit to the Olympic stadium or Trebevic mountain will take you back in time.


Not included:

– Entrance fee to the Tunnel Museum – 5€


We are proud to say that we are the first and the only tour & travel agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina that offers online bookings and credit card payments. We highly value your precious time so to fully book the tour with us will take just a few minutes.


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by Jurgen - Germany on Invicta Travel Sarajevo

Edin, der junge Guide aus Sarajevo, hat eine unglaublich gute Tour für mich organisiert. Mit dem Auto wurde ich vom Apartment abgeholt, besucht haben wir den Tunnel des Lebens, das alte Jüdische Friedhof, den “Vidikovac” – die schöne Aussicht auf die Stadt und das Soldatenfriedhof. Die Tour hatte ein schweres Thema und Edin hat mir sehr sensibel alles vorgestellt und fundiertes Wissen der Ereignisse gehabt. Ich habe die Militärische Strategie der Belagerung von Sarajevo sehr gut erklärt bekommen und habe tief beeindruckt die Tour beendet. Sehr empfehlenswert!

by Michael - USA on Invicta Travel Sarajevo

Perfect Tour for all people that are interested in history.

by Rachelle - USA on Invicta Travel Sarajevo

Safet was great, tailored the tour to my interests and provided a lot of information. Experiencing the tunnel was surreal and shouldn’t be missed!

by Rebekka - Netherlands on Invicta Travel Sarajevo

Als je van heel veel informatie houdt, dan moet je voor deze tour gaan. Mij was het iets te veel; ik raakte de draad kwijt. Maar je bezoekt mooie plekken die zonder eigen vervoerd of gids niet te bereiken zijn.

Wij hadden een groepje van 8 man.

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Markale marketplace
The Markale market shelling or Markale massacres were two separate bombardments carried out by the Army of Republika Srpska targeting civilians during the Siege of Sarajevo in the Bosnian War. They occurred at the Markale (marketplace) located in the historic core of Sarajevo. The first occurred on 5 February 1994 when 68 people were killed and 144 more were wounded and the second occurred on 28 August 1995 when five mortar shells killed 43 people and wounded 75 others. 
Sarajevo Tunnel Museum - Tunnel of Hope
Visit Tunnel of hope and feel how it was like to pass through the only exit during Sarajevo siege. Here you will watch a short documentary and hear stories from people who survived it all.
Jewish cemetery
Visit the Jewish Cemetery, a place that was held by Serbian army and from which they terrorized Sarajevo civilians with snipers and mortar shells.
Sarajevo Bobsleigh - Trebevic mountain
Visit the Olympic complex and hear the story about the 1984 Olympic Games. This is the part of the tour where we remember the golden times of Sarajevo and when it was the center of the world.