Sarajevo Full Day Tour

65€ per person

Book our full day Sarajevo tour and visit all Sarajevo’s favorite landmarks. Visit Old Town Bascarsija, Tunnel of Hope Museum and Vrelo Bosne nature park. A perfect way to spend a day in our capital.


Sarajevo Full Day Tour


Book our Sarajevo Full Day Tour where you will take the most out of your day in Sarajevo. In this full day Sarajevo tour you will visit Sarajevo Old Town Bascarsija and all that it has to offer. Find out all about the city’s turbulent past from its early days of Ottoman empire, its Austro-Hungarian occupation, Yugoslav period all the way to modern times and its unfortunate war events of 90’s. 


The second part of the tour will be focused on its later history with its unfortunate War in 90’s. You will visit Sarajevo War Museum – Tunnel of Hope where you will experience what it was like during the war in Sarajevo. Also, here you will watch a 30 min movie about the horrors of war in Bosnia & Herzegovina.


To relax you from difficult subject of war, at the end of the Sarajevo Full Day Tour, we have planned a visit to Sarajevo favorite picnic place, Vrelo Bosne. Vrelo Bosne is a nature park located just 20 min from Sarajevo center. The park offers fresh air and breeze even during the summer days. Your guide will take you through the park with its natural springs, waterfalls, and trees, combined with Igman mountain. 


After time in nature, we recommend an optional 10 minute horse carriage ride through wonderful Ilidza valley. Our guide will meet you at the end of the ride to take you back to your hotel. 


We are proud to say that we are the first and the only tour & travel agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina that offers online bookings and credit card payments. We highly value your precious time so to fully book the tour with us will take just a few minutes.


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    Pick up and drop off is provided at your place of stay in Sarajevo area
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    10 AM
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    Approximately 4 to 6 PM
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Sarajevo Old Town - Bascarsija
Lets discover why Sarajevo is known as the place where East meet West. Sarajevo has a long and very turbulent history. We will guide you through three different epochs of Sarajevo history. You will be fascinated by the beauty of Turkish part of the Old town, its small narrow streets, souvenir shops and lots of cozy coffee bars where you can taste well known Turkish/ Bosnian coffee. Learn about 400 years long Ottoman occupation and the legacy that decorate this town. Highlights: - Bascarsija square - The Sebilj wooden fountain - Coppersmith street - Brusa bezistan - Morica han - Gazi Husrev bey's complex - Emperior's mosque - Jewish Old temple.   Austro-Hungarian occupation brought even more diversities. After walking through "small Istanbul" you will cross to Austrian part of the Old town and find yourself in a "small Vienna". Our guide will introduce you with a turbulent times and where is the exact point of assassination on Austrian archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife Sophie. Highlights: - Latin bridge -the place of assassination - Catholic cathedral - Ferhadija street - City hall - Market place - Army hall - Orthodox church.   The ending point of the Old Town part of the tour is the Eternal Flame monument, a landmark dedicated to the the fallen heroes of the World War II. Our guide will tell you more about the communist period of ex Yugoslavia, all the way to the recent tragic events of war in the 90's.
Sarajevo War Museum - Tunnel of Hope
Second part of the tour is focused on Bosnia War of 90's. You will have a close experience of the horrible things that Bosnia was going through from 1992-1995. While driving through the whole Sarajevo, pay attention to the buildings because there are ”scars of war” everywhere. Bullet and shrapnel holes are still visible everywhere as a witness of death, blood and tears of the innocent.   You will visit Tunnel of hope, a Sarajevo museum and the most important building during the war. There you will learn more about its significance of salvation of Sarajevo. You will also be shown a documentary movie about the construction of the Tunnel and the destruction of Sarajevo during the siege. Surely you will recognize many of Sarajevo buildings through the flames and destruction.   There are many points of interest on the tour where Sarajevo civilians were surviving, such as market place Markale, a place of two massacres. Apart from Markale market, you will also visit places from where sniper nest were situated that terrorized Sarajevo citizens.
Vrelo Bosne Nature Park
Vrelo Bosne, the name translates literally as the springs of Bosna, is located in the central part of our heart-shaped country, just a half hour drive from Sarajevo. The springs flow along in the park and are among the greatest in the country.   Your guide will take you through the park with its natural springs, waterfalls, and trees, combined with Igman mountain. Vrelo Bosne present a beautiful peaceful setting ideal for family relaxation. It offers fresh chilled air, even on hot summer days.   If you want to escape the summer heat, come to this green heaven. The park is filled with ducks and swans on the water with slow moving streams all around the nature park. This is definitely the place to enrich your senses.   In Vrelo Bosne nature park you can take a picnic or walk along the crystal clear water. After time in nature, we recommend an optional 10 minute horse carriage ride through wonderful Ilidza valley. Our guide will meet you at the end of the ride to take you back to your hotel. Vrelo Bosne is indeed a great place for families, with many parks for kids. This Eco-zone is a guarantee for a perfect family day.