Olympic Mountains Tour

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Visit Olympic mountains around Sarajevo and enjoy in the fresh mountain air. Learn about the history of the time when Sarajevo was the center of the world.


Bjelasnica & Igman Olympic Mountains Tour


If you consider how small regionally Bosnia and Herzegovina is, we are then assured that you are going to find a part of the country which fits just to you. The fact that Bosnia and Herzegovina has all of the four seasons switching during the year makes this area even more interesting for a vacation. Mountains that surround Sarajevo are very attractive areas for daily picnics among citizens during the summer days. During the winter, these beauties are dressing snow-made coats and the whole area turns into the perfect and magic winter fairy tales. We highly recommend you to come and spend some time in the pure nature. This tour is the tour for those who are a bit more into winter surroundings and stories.


Once upon a time, in the year 1984, Sarajevo had honor to be a host of the 14th Olympic Winter Games. It was the event which marked Sarajevo for the time of being and in those moments, Sarajevo became the center of the world. Sarajevo was symbol of peace, unity and brotherhood in the World and this special event came as a crown to all of it it. The atmosphere which could be not felt but almost touched in the air, is still very often spoken theme among the citizens of Sarajevo and Bosnia and Herzegovina in general.


The very beginning of the Olympic Games happened on the 8th of February and the closer was on the 19th of February 1984. In that period, 1272 players of different sports visited Sarajevo. During the Games, 6 different sport categories were included In the competition. Those were years of united Sarajevo citizens, years of building the city. When speaking about region, mountains that surround Sarajevo all around were the perfect fit in order to be the host to the Winter Olympic Games. The period of organizing these Olympic Games was the period that changed Sarajevo forever in terms of constructions. New neighborhoods, buildings, city blogs and even new villages arose in the same period to host the players and guests.


Bjelasnica mountain


During the Winter Olympics, Bjelasnica was the venue for alpine skiing. This mountain is considered to be among the highest mountains in the country. It is interesting to mention that the point of 2.067m altitude is the highest point being inhabited in our country. The lowest temperature ever on the Bjelasnica mountain was 41 degrees Celsius below 0. Bjelasnica has cca 200 winter days per year. These facts have determined the name of the mountain: “bijela” in Bosnian language means “white” and since the mountain is so high, snow coat sometimes stays on the very tops up until summer days.


It is also important to mention that on the top of Bjelasnica, the television tower was located, but it is not surprising that it was also destroyed during the war period.  On the Bjelasnica, you can enjoy fantastic skiing, sliding and a lot of other winter sports and activities: hunting, alpinism, paragliding, riding, mountain cycling. On the other hand, you can also find fantastic hotel infrastructure here, where you can enjoy the winter, but from inside.


Igman mountain


The second on the list of Olympic Mountains is Igman. Igman, with its ski jump track was the venue for ski jumping. Igman was also the host of biathlon and cross country on its snow trails even though it is considered to be one of the lowest mountains in the region. The legend says that once upon a time there used to live an extraordinary wise and clever man named Iguman. Soon after he died, the people who used to live on the mountain built a monastery. The monastery used to be called Igman. Nowadays Bjelasnica has working ski facilities while Igman ski jump track is not operational and stands as a reminder of the Winter Olympic Games held in 1984. 


Trebevic Mountain


As the third mountain in the list of the Olympic Games spots, we are presenting to you Trebevic Mountain. Trebevic is the closest mountain when it comes to the city nearness. Trebevic was considered to be the center of the culture and recreation. This mountain had bob sledge built, and it was the only one of that type in the country. Of course, as almost every single part and monument in this city, the sledge was alo destroyed during the war 1992-1995. It is interesting to mention that in prewar period, Trebevic had astronomical observatory located on the top.


During the Sarajevo siege, in the summer 1992, complete area was destroyed even the cable line which used to connect the center of the city to the top of Trebevic mountain. On the other hand, and to tell you a word more about the current situation, thanks to the donations, we are proud to share and show renewed cable line. After decades of waiting, citizens of this city and our dear guests can enjoy not every day experience – climb the top of the mountain from the very central part since the starting point has been situated in the Old part of the town.


For those who love nature and long walks, Trebevic is going to be the best answer to fulfill all Your needs and wishes. We also find interesting to share that Trebevic has started to be a new home and nestle for new bird species lately. In our opinion, one die, for the others to be born, some dreams have to been dreamt, so the new ones can be dreamed! Maybe a part of Trebevic died during the war, but it is definite that something brand new has already started to be built there!


Visiting Olympic points is going to make you go and travel back in the time when Sarajevo had the eyes of the whole world focused on itself. Fresh air, Olympic stories and the beauty of green color all around will offer great relaxation for your body and your soul. Do not miss the chance to meet Olympic Sarajevo!


For this tour, we would like to highlight the fact that the tour is ideal for families and children.


If you are interested in skiing rather than in nature surrounding the area, feel free to contact us and claim your wishes. We are here for you! Also, you can visit the website of Organizing Committee of the 14th Winter Olympic Games


We are proud to say that we are the first and the only tour & travel agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina that offers online bookings and credit card payments. We highly value your precious time so to fully book the tour with us will take just a few minutes.


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Igman mountain
Visit to Igman mountain and its ski jumping hill. You will be able to see a place that hosted ski jumping and Nordic skiing combined at the 1984 Winter Olympics
Bjelasnica is a modern ski center and here you can have a optional comfortable cable car ride to the 2057 m top of this amazing mountain.
We recommend you to enjoy the view with cup of tea before going back to Sarajevo.