7 days in Bosnia and Herzegovina

7 days in Bosnia and Herzegovina

799€ per person

Take a personalized holiday trip through Bosnia and Herzegovina. Spend 6 nights in Sarajevo in 4* hotel with tours of Old Town Bascarsija, Mostar, Konjic and Blagaj, Jajce & Travnik along with a trip to the mountains and Vrelo Bosne nature park.


7 Days holiday in Bosnia


Do you enjoy traveling to unexplored destinations ? Do you love nature ? History ? Adventure ?


Then it is a right time to add Bosnia holiday to your bucket list. Contact us and let us make your vacation customized to your wishes and interests.


Bosnia and Herzegovina is a heart shaped country that will surely charm you. Bosnia is a land with amazing natural beauty, friendly people, rich history and great food.


There are three things makes Bosnia & Herzegovina worldwide famous. One is the Assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand that triggered the World War I. Second are the 14th Winter Olympic games and the third is the aggression against the Republic of BiH ’92 – ’95.


Bosnia nowadays is a perfect destination for those who want to avoid tourist crowds. You will be amazed once you finally book your Bosnia holiday.


We want to bring Bosnia & Herzegovina closer to you. That is why you can be sure that you will have your private guidance through your vacation. All of our tours are made by intention to make you fall in love with this country.  Once you arrive to Bosnia, our staff is 24/7 available for communication. We are here on your service making each day of Bosnia holiday itinerary unforgettable.




Staying in Sarajevo, the capital,  a 500 years old history will be there right in front of you.  Nearly three quarters of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s capital was destroyed or damaged by shells and bombs during the war. Since then, Sarajevo has mostly returned to being the vibrant city of years past. Sarajevo’s Old Town blends East and West. Visitors can feel they’re in Vienna one minute and in Istanbul the next.


Sarajevo’s Ottoman past can be felt in the cobbled streets around Bascarsija. Here topped copper-green domes overlook narrow alleyway craft bazaars. Meanwhile, grand relics from the Austro-Hungarian Empire span the streets around Ferhadija.


In Sarajevo, you will see signs of the city’s terrible recent past. Shrapnel-scarred walls and ruins can be found everywhere. Cemeteries are all around the surrounding hillsides.


But nevertheless, Sarajevo is a city that embraces life.




Herzegovina region is a place where numerous civilizations have met and passed by. In Herzegovina each and ever visitor has left its mark. Herzegovina climate is mostly Mediterranean with a few rainy days over the year. Mostar is a center of Herzegovina region and one of the most visited cities in Bosnia & Herzegovina.


By visiting Mostar along with Konjic and Blagaj, your day trip will be colored by Herzegovina sun and emerald green Neretva river. For those who want do explore more of Herzegovina, we arrange one overnight in Mostar. After waking up in the sunniest city in Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kravica waterfall and Pocitelj town will offer a heaven for your eyes.


Travnik & Jajce


Beside a wonderful landscape you will get a chance to hear and learn about Medieval Bosnia while visiting Jajce. A spectacular medieval citadel is set on top of the hill in the middle of town. In the center of town, two beautiful 27m waterfalls of the Pliva River dominate the city. No other town in Bosnia and Herzegovina possesses so many cultural layers and architectural styles in a place so small.


The 3rd-century sacred temple dedicated to the god Mithras from Roman times sits side by side with the old steeple of St Luke’s Church. The church is a valued example of medieval architecture spanning through entire city. Beneath the church are the catacombs where high priests and the nobility are buried. These sites are open to the public.


The package also includes a visit to Travnik – city with remarkable architecture from Ottomans period of rule. Travnik is a city that has kept most of its appearance from the Ottomans period. City is rich with numerous mosques, houses and Ottoman style fountains.


Olympic Mountains


After lessons in history, it is time to go back to Bosnia and its forest mountains. These gorgeous mountains hosted Winter Olympic games in 1984. The story of the Olympic games in Sarajevo starts back on May 18, 1978. On that day in Athens, the International Olympic Committee entrusted Sarajevo with the organization of the Olympic games. Sarajevo won over contesting cities Sapporo and Gothenburg.


Spend a day in nature and enjoy the guide’s storytelling about the best organized Olympic games of its time.


Why should you visit Bosnia ?


Does all of this make you feel curious about our country? If so, just let us know and our team will do the best to provide you unforgettable holiday in Bosnia.


This package is ideal for solo travelers, families with kids and couples. Private tours offer you a comfortable guidance where the guide is on your service for each day.


All of our guides are very enthusiastic and flexible. Our guides are trained to treat guests with honesty, respect and to share the knowledge and love for their own country.


We listen your wishes. That is why we give you an opportunity to make changes in the itinerary according to your interests.


Family with kids can tailor their own itinerary to make kids happy. Seniors can easily reschedule the itinerary per each day.


Once you are already in Bosnia, make yourself comfortable. Let your personal guide take you to memorable trip through this small but big heart country.


Booking with Invicta Travel


You have decided to book the Bosnia Holiday package. But you don’t want to bother yourself with bank transactions? No worries!


We never waste your time! Just a few steps take you to finalizing booking and payment through our website.


We are proud to say that we are the only travel agency in Bosnia and Herzegovina that offers you online bookings and credit card payments.


Package price is made on 2 travelers in double room sharing basis.


Take the most out of your Bosnia holiday with local expert Invicta Travel !



  • 6 nights in 4* hotel “Aziza”in Sarajevo
  • Private tours with professional English speaking guide
  • Airport transfers
  • Private transport in modern and comfortable vehicle
  • Breakfast at the hotel every day
  • All taxes, parking fees, fuel, highway and road costs



  • Meals and drinks
  • Tips for guide
  • Entrance fees where needed
  • Airplane tickets
  • Travel insurance
  • Porterage
  • Personal spending


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Invicta Travel Sarajevo
Average rating:  
 11 reviews
by Kevin - USA on Invicta Travel Sarajevo

I was using Invicta Travel services during my holidays in Bosnia. last summer and it was exceptional.To be honest, Bosnia was unknown to me and I was really surprised to hear so much information about it’s rich and turbulent history. Guide who took me on the Sarajevo tours was very informative and professional. I highly recommend this company for everyone who’s coming to Bosnia for the first time.

by Hamdi - USA on Invicta Travel Sarajevo

Beautiful Country, water falls and rivers, Amazing beautiful everywhere, many thanks to our outstanding travel agent Mirza, great Job.

by Glenn and Pauline – Australia on Invicta Travel Sarajevo
Great guides and service

We took two private tours with “Invicta Travel”

1. Mostor, Konjic & Blagaj

2. Balkins Dark side including the Tunnel of Hope

We were picked up at our accommodation by Edin for both tours.

We had a great tour seeing the sights of Herzegovina and learning the history and hearing the stories about Bosnia and Herzegovina.

The war tour gave us an insight into what it was like to live in Sarajevo during the time of the seige. Edin was very knowledgeable and enthusiastic and shared some of his family’s experiences of what it was like to live in Sarajevo during the war and made our trip to Bosnia and Herzegovina a memorable one.

Thanks Edin and Invicta Travel.

If you are considering a trip to Sarajevo Bosnia we would highly recommend “Invicta Travel”

by Aysha - UK on Invicta Travel Sarajevo
Very good

I visited Bosnia with my family (this was 4 adults and 2 young children).

Had the most amazing time! Our 8 day trip was packed with lots of activities and day trips! Out tour guide Aid was brilliant. He was always on time when picking us up very early in the morning and was very knowledgeable of all the sites we visited in Sarajevo and in other cities which was helpful to understand more about the beautiful country!

Our guide was very friendly, easy-going and flexible and left us to it when we wanted to be alone and when we needed him, he was always there to pick us up and assist with any problems.

Our time included visiting Mostar. The journey took roughly 3 hours but the scenery was lovely and Aid was a very safe driver.

Would highly recommend Invicta Travels.

Can’t wait to return!

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7 days
  • Departure
    All transfers from arrival to departure included
  • Departure Time
    The tours start every day at 9:00
  • Return Time
    Approximately 4 to 6 PM
  • Dress Code
    Casual - In summer light - In winter warm according to weather conditions
  • Included
    Free entrance
    Personal guide
    Pickup & drop off
    Private vehicle
  • Not Included
    Meals & drinks

Day 2 - Sarajevo

  • Bascarsija
  • City Hall
  • Assassination of Franz Ferdinan point – Latin bridge
  • Old Yewish Temple
  • Sarajevo Meeting of Cultures spot
  • Catholic Cathedral
  • Orthodox Church
  • Markale Market place
  • Eternal flame monument
  • Vrelo Bosne – source of river Bosna

Day 3 - Herzegovina

  • Old stone bridge in Konjic
  • Jablanicko lake
  • Neretva canyon
  • Mostar Old Bridge – Stari Most
  • Mostar Old Town
  • Source of river Buna
  • Dervish house –Blagaj tekke

Day 4 - Olympic Mountains

  • Ski jumps resort on Igman
  • Babin do Bjelasnica

Day 5 - Travnik & Jajce

  • Travnik Castle
  • Pliva waterfalls
  • Jajce fortress
  • Catacombs
  • Bear tower
  • Pliva lakes and watermills

Day 6 - Trebevic Mountain

  • Vidikovac View point
  • Bobsleigh track
  • Brus picnic area
  • Sunnyland amusement park.

Day 1 - Sarajevo

  • A warm welcome at Sarajevo International Airport. The guide will give you the main information about Bosnian currency, exchange office, post office etc. When you get ready to go, our guide will transfer you to the hotel introducing you with the rest of the city. After check-in it is time to get relax and prepare for the first day of your Bosnia holiday.
  • Overnight at 4* hotel in Sarajevo.

Day 2 - Sarajevo

  • You will surely have a great first overnight in Sarajevo. After a nice Bosnian breakfast, our guide will meet you in the lobby. It is time to start exploring the city.
  • Sightseeing starts from the Sebilj. A famous wooden fountain located in the heart of Bascarija – Old town. Strolling down through the streets from XVI century, don’t be surprised if it remind  you to  Istanbul. You will find yourself in the middle of Ottoman architecture with small coffeehouses craftsman’s shops and the smell of food and coffee. The old Stay In, Coppersmith street, Gazy Husrev- bey’s Mosque, Library, Clock tower, Old bazar Bezistan are just some of the highlights of this Ottoman area.
  • Suddenly at some point you will realize scenery around you is completely different. You are standing at the point where East meet West. There is no other European city that has exact line of meetings of two cultures: Western and Orient. Make a step from Istanbul to Vienna.  
  • Let’s find out why Sarajevo is often called “Jerusalem of Europe”. At very small area there is at least half a dozen places of worship of four religious: Islam, Judaism, Catholicism and Eastern Orthodox Church. The sound of church bell mix with a call for prayer by muezzin.
  • One of the most famous spots is the place of Assassination of Austrian Archduke Franz Ferdinand and his wife in 1914. This led to the First World War and shaped the history of Europe forever. You can stand at this very place.
  • 1425 days – 3 years, 10 months and 24 days. That’s how long Sarajevo was under the siege in early ’90. It is pretty incredible that both first and last most important events of the 20th century happened in this very city.
  • The walking tour finish by the Eternal flame – a monument from the times of Yugoslavia.
  • After amazing history lesson, you are heading to the green oasis of Sarajevo – Vrelo Bosne. Source of river Bosna is a perfect place to escape the city crowd. It is a peaceful setting ideal for relaxation of your body and soul. Here you can take a picnic or  walk along the crystal clear water.
  • When you finish enjoying in the nature, we recommend an optional 15 minute horse carriage ride along elegantly tree-lined great lane -Velika aleja. Our guide will meet you at the end of the ride to take you back to your hotel. A perfect end of the Sarajevo tour. Overnight at 4* hotel in Sarajevo.

Day 3 - Mostar, Konjic & Blagaj

  • After the rich breakfast at the hotel, the guide will meet you and take you to the sunny and warm part of our country, Herzegovina.
  • Your first stop will be Konjic, small town dating from Ottoman empire. It is located in between mountains, with cristal clear Neretva river. The town used to be famous after its amazing surroundings but from recently there is a new attraction – Tito's atomic shelter.
  • Tito's bunker, one of the top secrets of former Yugoslavia, is hidden under the mountain Zlatar, with the deepest of 280 meters underground. The bunker was built for 26 years in secret, with its main purpose to protect Josip Broz Tito, the president of former Yugoslavia, and 350 people from political and state leadership in case of nuclear attack.
  • Note* Tito's bunker is included in this stop only upon request.
  • After a short coffee break, with a nice view of the Old Ottoman style bridge, you will proceed to Mostar. Camera is a must have. The scenery is breathtaking.
  • Mostar is the center of Herzegovina region. After introduction to the history of this region, you are going directly to the worldwide known Old Bridge – Stari Most.
  • Stari Most is a 16th century, Ottoman style bridge and Mostar's most notable architectural landmark. Stretching 28 meters across Neretva river, it connect the two sides of the city. It proudly stood there for 427 years, until it was destroyed in 1993 during the Bosnian war. Thanks to postwar restoration efforts,a new bridge was built in 2004.
  • Unless you visit Mostar during winter, you will definitely get a chance to watch brave yet talented local men dive off the bridge, plunging 20 meters into the cold river below.  The practice of diving off the bridge started back 1664 and become the tradition for the young man of Mostar. In 1968, the city even held a formal diving competition, which still continues today.
  • The walk continues to Koski Pasha Mehmed mosque, built in 1618. It is a simple but pretty mosque. For a small fee you can enter the mosque and even climb the very narrow staircase in the minaret for the most spectacular view of Mostar and the Old Bridge.
  • Lunch time? It is your choice ! Lunch beside the Old Bridge or in Blagaj – our next stop? Any choice is just perfect.
  • Blagaj , heaven of peace and harmony is just 15 min drive form Mostar. It is an ancient capital of Herzegovina. The Buna spring is simply breathtaking. It is also one of the largest sources of drink water in Europe.
  • Next to the water source, is a 16th century Dervish house – Tekke. It is still one of the most mystical places in Bosnia & Herzegovina. The place is still used for dervish gathering but it is also a museum. While being there one can definitely feel the spiritual power of this place.
  • Blagaj is a perfect place to end the third day of your Bosnia holiday. It is time to make your self comfortable and drive back to Sarajevo.
  • You will be returned to Sarajevo and transferred to your hotel. Overnight in 4* hotel in Sarajevo.

Day 4 - Olympic Mountains

  • Breakfast at the hotel. This day you will be taken to the Olympic beauties that surrounds Sarajevo. Igman and Bjelasnica are both just a half an hour drive from Sarajevo. In 1984 Sarajevo was the center of the world.
  • Igman was the venue for competitions in Nordic ski disciplines, skiing and biathlon, as well as 70 and 90 meter ski jumps.
  • During the summer the mountain offers a multitude of marked cycling trails, as well as places where both athlets and amateurs can play football, wollewball and basketball.
  • After Igman, you are heading to Bjelasnica. Mount Bjelasnica with 2,067m hight was named after the white snow cover which remains on its tops until August. During the XIV Winter Olympic Games, Bjelasnica hosted competitions in alpine skiing disciplines for men. Downhill, slalom and giant slalom tracks were built at the time. The entire infrastructure of the ski center and hotel facilities were destroyed during the last war.
  • As you will notice, Bjelasnica today is restoring its former glory of an Olympic center. Take a break in a local cafe and enjoy a view of the magnificent nature. You can also take s nice walk through the ski center or even a cable car ride to the top.
  • After a half day in nature, you will be transported to the hotel. Enjoy the rest of the day in leisure and shopping. Overnight at 4* hotel in Sarajevo.

Day 5 - Travnik & Jajce

  • Breakfast. The guide will meet you at your hotel to take you to another day trip. This time, you are heading towards central Bosnia. On the way to final destination Jajce, you will make a short break in Travnik.
  • Travnik is the Ottoman Viziers capital of Bosnia for 150 years. Travnik’s Old Town has an Ottoman center with mosques, centuries-old buildings and Bosnia’s only sundial. Located over the town, Travnik castle offers you a very nice panoramic view of old Ottoman rooftops. The castle dates back to pre – Ottoman Bosnia when the former Bosnian kingdom ruled the region.
  • Just one hour from Travnik, you will arrive to the museum under the open sky – Jajce. Throughout Bosnia’s long history, Jajce has been the home of medieval kings, Ottoman governors, and a range of different ethnic groups, as well as being one of President Tito’s earliest Communist strongholds.
  • Pliva falls will welcome you at the entrance of the town. The falls are more than 20 m high, and are at the point where two rivers meet and converge. For a small fee you can get to a viewing platform where you are close enough to feel the spray of the water.
  • The walk continues towards Jajce fortress that was once the seat of Bosnia’s medieval kings.  It is located on the top of a hill overlooking the town. Before departure to Pliva lakes, you will see Jajce catacombs. The catacombs were commissioned by a 14th century king, who wanted a resting place for him and his family. They are small, but set across two levels, and are still in excellent condition.
  • And for the last stop we left Pliva lakes, an area of stunning natural beauty. A visit to the lakes is a great family activity, or is ideal simply for those looking for a relaxing day by the water.
  • After a day in central Bosnia, you will be transferred back to Sarajevo. Return to your hotel. Overnight at 4* hotel in Sarajevo.

Day 6 - Trebevic Mountain

  • Breakfast at the hotel. The guide will meet you at the lobby. Mt. Trebevic is the natural backdrop of Sarajevo and one of Sarajevo’s most popular outing spots. It is just 20 min drive from the city center. Trebevic is also reachable by cable car.
  • For luge and bobsled competitions during the 14th Winter Olympic games in 1984, bobsleigh track was built, at the time one of the most modern ones in Europe. Today, bobsleigh track is not in use anymore. It is a nice reminder of one of the brightest times in Bosnian history.
  • The guide will take you first to a viewpoint Vidikovac. It is a great spot to enjoy the best panoramic view of Sarajevo. Next stop is the bobsleigh track where you can have a walk through it.  It is very attractive for street artist. Colorful graffiti are painted everywhere over bobsleigh track.
  • Next stop is Brus picnic area. Whole area offers many activities for kids, small ZOO with domestic animals, walking paths and restaurant. This is great place for family with kids, but also for nature lovers.
  • At the end of the mountain tour, the guide will take you to the Sunnyland amusement park. It is also ideal place for kids, but everyone can enjoy a nice cup of coffee overlooking Sarajevo.
  • For the rest of the day, a guide can take you to the shopping area or you can spend your last day for final exploring of the Old town. Return to your hotel. Overnight at 4* hotel in Sarajevo.

Day 7 - Sarajevo

  • Breakfast at the hotel. Recommended check out is at 11.00am. If our flight is late afternoon, we will take care of your luggage so you can do a final souvenir shopping or simply have a cup of Bosnian coffee or cevapi.
  • That is the way to say goodbye to Sarajevo. Until next time, take home wonderful memories of Invicta Travel and Bosnia & Herzegovina.