Fojnica Franciscan Monastery


When you first come to Fojnica, your attention will be commanded by the Franciscan monastery of the Holy Spirit. The building dominates over the whole valley where Fojnica is located. The monastery is situated at the foot of the Kriz  hill and is one of the main symbols of Fojnica.

Throughout their long history, the Bosnian Franciscans have kept what they collected, including nearly 11,000 books.

Unintentionally, the monastery became a museum exhibiting the oldest painting in Bosnia.  Museum is a home to watercolour on a piece of wooden board showing a vase with flowers, dating from 1328.

The monastery has got the museum, library, chancery, different valuable collections and other documents. One of the most important of these is Inkonabule – the first printed book dating from the fifteenth century. Monastery also houses Ahdnama document. Ahdnama is document from Ottoman Empire that guaranteed safety and freedom to the Bosnian Franciscans and other people.

Monastery is a home of two libraries. The old library contains nearly 11,000 titles. This range from mathematics to physics, history, law, medicine, logic, psychology and theology.

The “new” library houses books that mainly address educational themes. It is a place where school children can come and use the books for their assignments.

Franciscan cloister of Fojnica is an unavoidable destination for the tourists who visit Fojnica.

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