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Invicta travel agency was established to promote tourism in Bosnia and Herzegovina and all of its beauty.

Years of experience taught us to listen to our clients and to provide them excellent and professional service. Our mission is that our customers, after getting an image of our country, actually return to Bosnia to visit this region again. It does not matter where do You come from, what matters is that You feel like being home.

So far, our experience has convinced us that we are following the right tracks, since we have our guests coming back. Our team of professional guides will do impossible to make You feel closer to the culture of our people, and will bring the turbulent history of this region closer to You.

Our clients deserve the best, and we can offer touristic tours in more than 10 different languages. We are also here to provide expats services and to provide all kind of necessities for students who are planning to stay in Bosnia for particular period. Your wish is our command!

We are also very happy to announce tha INVICTA travel has been nominated for the Affordable Tour Operator of the Year in the 2017 Holiday & Tour Specialist Awards !


“I definitely recommend Invicta to anyone looking for a great touring experience while in Sarajevo.”

James G.

Invicta Guest

“I am definitely recommending this agency to anyone who would like to have a fun and hustle free tour”

Amra P.

Invicta Guest

“You are in for a pleasant surprise when you take on the magical mysterious gem of the Balkans.I definitely recommend this top-drawer company”

Tony P.

Invicta Guest

How to find us?

 Our office is located in Ćumirija street. No.5 in the close to the hotel “Europe”.

One minute walking distance from the hotel you will find our office building near the bookstore. Located on the right side of the street.

If you are coming from the Airport, you can take taxi and your final stop will be Ćumirija 5.

Welcome to Sarajevo! Welcome to Invicta!


Invicta Travel

invicta travel agency bosnia and herzegovina