Food in Bosnia & Herzegovina

Bosnia food

While visiting Bosnia’s capital Sarajevo, one thing that cannot be missed is a plate of tasty ćevapi.

Ćevapi is the national dish of Bosnia. It is essentially grilled minced beef in a sausage shape, inside a pitta or flatbread with onions and sauce. The sausages are usually small, so one portion is made up of several ćevapi.

Another famous Bosnia food is Pita or Burek. There’s one thing you need to know: Burek is the “King” of all local pies. Burek, one of the most popular Bosnian cuisine specialties, is a meat pie. It is made with minced or finely chopped meat, onion, oil, salt and pepper. All is mixed and wrapped in a thin pastry (jufka). This is traditionally rolled out by hand using a long wooden rolling pin (oklagija).

While you are exploring Sarajevo, you can also try Sarajevsko beer directly from the brewery. We usually say that you can’t leave Sarajevo without trying our Bosnian coffee, which you can find everywhere in the Old City.You can just ask our Sarajevo guides on your Sarajevo tour where you can taste these Bosnian specialties.

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