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Invicta Travel Best Selling Bosnia Tours


Highly Recommended Bosnia Tours
Since 1981, when six local children claimed they had seen visions of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Medjugorje has…
Visit Lukomir village, the highest altitude settled village in Europe and experience the traditional way of life. Visit…
6 hours
The Sutjeska National Park is Bosnia and Herzegovina's oldest national park. The park is also famous as being…
Embark on a mysterious tour to find out more about the claims of archaeologists that Bosnia has pyramids.…
4 hours
Visit Kravice waterfall, one of the most beautiful nature wonders in Bosnia & Herzegovina. A must visit place…
The Srebrenica town and its massacre, also known as the Srebrenica genocide, is the place where the July…

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Bosnia Packages

Multi Day Bosnia Tours With Hotels
Take a personalized holiday trip through Bosnia and Herzegovina. Spend 7 nights in Sarajevo…
Take a personalized short trip through Bosnia and Herzegovina. Spend 3 nights in Sarajevo…
Take a personalized holiday trip through Bosnia and Herzegovina. Spend 6 nights in Sarajevo…

Balkan Tours

Travel Through Balkans With Invicta Travel
Go on a combined private trip through Bosnia & Herzegovina and Serbia. Visit important…
7 Days
Go on a 8 days private tailored journey through 1100 km of Balkan Peninsula…
8 days
Let us take you on a 8 days private journey through Croatia and Bosnia…
8 days

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