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Sarajevo walking tour

Sarajevo city represents the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina.

It is the place where different cultures meet and make Sarajevo unique multicultural center.

It is the city where great empires ruled and left marks all over the country: Ottoman empire, Austria-Hungarian empire, communistic period – Yugoslavia and  modern period of independence.

Is there a better example of multi-confessional society than four the greatest religions temples in radius of 100 m?

The sounds and prayers one can hear at the same moment is the feeling which can not be described but has to be experienced.

Sent of authentic coffee, the smell of traditional kitchen, the historical appearance of the old part of the town, hosting and friendly citizens and soul of the city itself are definitely the guarantee of excellent vacation.

Can you imagine that Sarajevo was the center of the world in 1984th? It was the year of 14th Winter Olympic Games.

Only eight years later Sarajevo was war field, it was one of the longest sieges in modern history.

…more about Balkans dark side to follow..

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Ottoman Sarajevo


Austro -Hungarian Sarajevo

Latin Bridge

Tito's Sarajevo

Eternal Flame Monument