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Hotel Bristol Sarajevo, first class hotel which provides service in compliance with international hospitality standards! Contemporary design, stylish dining and state of the art meeting facilities, all carefully planned to provide memorable and cheerful experiences. Simple, yet surprising pleasures!

Built in 1882, at the crossroads of the Oriental and modern style, Hotel Europe is imbued with the best attributes of both worlds. Positioned in the heart of the Sarajevo city, just a few steps away from the tourist Old Town core, this Austro-Hungarian building with its external splendour alone will have you captivated.

If you’re looking for a hotel where you’ll experience an overwhelming sense of pure comfort and relaxation, you’ll love Hotel Central in Sarajevo. Artistically inspired, this landmark hotel has been totally redesigned to bring you the absolute best hotel experience.

Hotel President is located in the center of the old town of Sarajevo. Thanks to its ideal location, the hotel is designed to accommodate business people and for tourists traveling through the city of Sarajevo. Here at your fingertips, you experience a unique blend of cultures and civilizations, blending East and West, and is widely known for the hospitality of the people of Sarajevo. The hotel is surrounded by the unique monuments and other social amenities type of national restaurants, popular clubs and bars.

Hotel Art is located in the heart of Sarajevo, where the old town lures visitors to visit its unique blend of European and Oriental heritage. In a hundred meter radius one can find the famous Gazi-Husrev Beg mosque, the Roman Catholic cathedral, the Orthodox church and the Jewish synagogue, which is why Sarajevo has been termed the European Jerusalem.

Hotel Astra is modern hotel, arranged by European standards, with a luxurious double room, suites, bathrooms with Jacuzzi baths, an elevator and a cafeteria with a gallery and a restaurant.

ETN Hotel was built in the heart of the old town, on the former site of Khan. Stopovers in the Ottoman Empire served time for both passengers and their caravans. So, today ETN Hotel continuous heritage and the tradition of the famous Bosnian hospitality. Already from the window of your room you can enjoy the rhythm of city pulse. All tourist attractions and numerous monuments of the past are at your fingertips.

Hotel Holiday is a modern and luxurious hotel, located in the heart of Sarajevo and epicenter of business activity. It was built in 1984 during the 14th Winter Olympic games Sarajevo , and since then is a witness of Bosnia and Herzegovina’s recent history and a certain check point for businessmen and tourists

The building in which hotel is located was built between 1881 and 1883, and it used to be a regular apartment building. However, over the course of the years the building was damaged, and it became a cultural heritage under the state’s protection. This building is more than 130 years old, meaning that it is of great cultural and historical importance. The building was later restored in 2006, but its original beauty and authenticity were preserved.The hotel is equipped with high-end equipment, and the safety and comfort of the guests are always a priority.


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