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4 days in sarajevo
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4 days in Sarajevo


Day 1

Arrival and transportation to the 3* Hotel

The guide will help you with check in and give you short introduction about the city. You will also get the most important broshures about basic city info and all recommendation for the first night in Sarajevo.

Hotel you are staying in is a part of Sarajevo famous Hotel Europe group so you will be able to use Wellnes and Spa in the main hotel – Europe hotel wich is located right accross the street.

Latin bridge


Day 2

After breakfast , our guide will take you on this famous Sarajevo walkig tour through the history.
You will meet all of its diverseties and beauties, with some main historical points that are worldwide known, such as The place of Assassination that trigered the WWI.

Walking down the streets seems like steping from Istanbul to Wiena in just one step. We promise you noticing that before our guide even show you.



Being in Sarajevo is almost not possible without mention of the Sarajevo’s dark days.

After short introduction of this topic, you are heading towards the official Sarajevo War Museum – the Tunnel of Hope. You will learn and hear local stories about this recent past…Stories you couldn’t read in any of books.


The last point of the tour would be a Sarajevo’s green heaven. Once you arrive to Ilidza area, you will be taken to the source of river Bosnia on a horse carriage. Enjoy fresh air , the sound of water bird songs.
Lunch is recommended in local restoruant but NOT included in the price of the tour.











Day 3

After  breakfast you will be picked up and driven to the one of the Bosnian mountains beauties –Nisici.

Bijambare nature park is our destination, but not the final one. After visiting the Bijambare Cave Complex and coffee break in local mountain restoraunt, we are taking a small toursit
train towards the exit. You will enjoy indeed.



Final stop is a small village farm where you will be hosted by a Bosnian couple, who will make the best lunch you will taste in Bosnia.

All the food you will taste is grown localy, fresh and tasty. You can also lear how to make one of the Bosnian traditional meals, following the lady who is cooking.

During the summer, you can also help make some of the sweets from local fruits, and bring

them home with you.Untitled



Day 4


Transportation to Sarajevo International Airport

+ Includes:

  • Transport
  • Local guide
  • Lunch on the farm
  • Entrance fee for the War Museum
  • Entrance fees for the parks and caves
  • Horse carriage ride
  • Transport Airport – Hotel – Airport



Thank you for your visit