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Macedonia – Albania – Montenegro – Croatia –Bosnia & Herzegovina - Slovenia


DAY 1 | SKOPJESkopje big pic (7)

  • Arrival to Skopje airport
  • Transfer to hotel
  • Check-in.
  • Lunch at hotel
  • Skopje city tour
  • Dinner at hotel
  • Overnight at hotel “Senigalia”/“De koka” inSkopje


  • Breakfast at the hotel in Skopje
  • Check out
  • Short stop in Struga
  • Lunch at restaurant “Centar” in Struga
  • Arrival to Tirana
  • Check in
  • Dinner at hotel restaurant
  • Overnight in hotel “Baron” in Tirana


  • Breakfast at the hotel in Tirana
  • Check out
  • Tirana short city tour
  • Proceed to Shkoder
  • Lunch at restaurant “San Francisco” in Shkoder
  • Proceed to Budva
  • Dinner at hotel restaurant
  • Overnight at hotel “Moskva” in Budva


  • Breakfast at the hotel in Budva
  • Check out
  • Visit to Kotor – city tour
  • Lunch at seafood restaurant “Konoba Portun”
  • Arrival to Dubrovnik
  • Dinner at hotel restaurant
  • Overnight at hotel “Adria” in Dubrovnik


  • Breakfast at the hotel in Dubrovnik
  • Dubrovnik city tour
  • Proceed to Blagaj
  • Lunch at fish restaurant “Vrelo” in Blagaj
  • Visit to Mostar
  • Proceed to Sarajevo
  • Dinner in Jablanica restaurant “Kovačević”
  • Overnight at hotel “SPA Terme” in Sarajevo

DAY 6| SARAJEVO – JAJCE – BIHAĆsarajevo invicta travel agency bosnia and herzegovina

  • Breakfast at the hotel in Sarajevo
  • Check out
  • Sarajevo city tour
  • Proceed to Bihac
  • Short stop in Jajce
  • Lunch at restaurant “Kod Asima” in Jajce
  • Late arrival to Bihać
  • Check in
  • Dinner at hotel restaurant
  • Overnight at hotel “Emporium” in Bihać

DAY 7|BIHAC – PLITVICE – ZAGREBbihac-una-rafting-01

  • Breakfast at the hotel in Bihać
  • Check out
  • Proceed to Zagreb
  • Visit to Plitvice National park
  • Lunch at restaurant “Borja” at Plitvice
  • Late arrival to Zagreb
  • Dinner at hotel restaurant
  • Overnight at hotel “Aristos” in Zagreb


  • Breakfast at the hotel in Zagreb
  • Check out
  • Proceed to Ljubljana
  • Lunch at restaurant “Šeherzada” in Ljubljana
  • Ljubljana city tour
  • Dinner at hotel restaurant
  • Overnight at hotel “Park” or “Stil” in Ljubljana

DAY 9|LJUBLJANAljubljana

  • Breakfast at the hotel in Ljubljana
  • Check out
  • Transfer to Ljubljana Jože Pučmik Airport
  • Departure


  • Go through the story for Skopje, beginning with the new “Skopje 2014th”, showing you all the statues, sculptures, monuments and square, across the Stone Bridge through the very different Old Town, and even further back in history, up to the fortress Kale, where the earliest evidence of human existence is located.


  • Struga has been known since the time of Ilirs ,and many of old writers of traveling guides have noted that Struga was a very vivid city,with developed trade and great markets. Since Struga is located on the way to Tirana, we are going to make a stop in this lovely town. Lunch and city sightseeing have been planned for this break.
  • Discover the fascinating history and colorful scenery of Tirana, Albania’s. Start your day trip in Tirana and explore the city center with its historic clock tower and main square.


  • Visit all the main sights of Shkoder & Budva. Admire the beautiful scenery in Shkodra and enjoy by the largest lake in the Balkan Peninsula. After lunch break in a local restaurant we proceed to Budva for the overnight.
  • The Old town Budva remains on a peninsula and has all attributes of an old Mediterranean city, with narrow street, analogous buildnings with red tiled roofs, numerous historical sights and monuments.


  • Discover Kotor, a UNESCO World Heritage Site thanks to its ancient monuments and well-preserved medieval architecture. Go through the city’s historical center and spend time exploring.
  • Visit the city’s major landmarks and hear stories of how Dubrovnik became one of the world’s most prosperous and advanced maritime republics. Walk through Dubrovnik’s beautiful Old Town and discover how the city became one of the most prosperous and advanced of all the historic maritime republics. As you step through the gates of Dubrovnik’s old city walls, you will be taking a step back in time, losing yourself in the grandeur and beauty of this culturally influential city.


  • Visit a variety of cultural and historic sites including the magnificent Old bridge in Mostar.The tour then proceeds through a picturesque delta of the River Neretva to the small town of Pocitelj.In Pocitelj you will have an opportunity for sightseeing and free time. Pocitelj is a beautiful cultural and historical site featuring structures from the 15th century. When the tour reaches the town of Blagaj enjoy the visit to world famous Blagaj Dervish house. The world-famous town of Mostar, known as a meeting point of different cultures and religions is the next stop. Stroll across the spectacular white-stone bridge and explore the blend of Moorish, Christian, and Muslim monuments that make up the town’s unique way of life.


  • The city of Sarajevo represents the capital of Bosnia and Herzegovina. It is a place where different cultures meet and makes Sarajevo a unique multicultural center. It is also a city where great empires ruled and left marks all over the country like the Ottoman Empire, Austria-Hungarian Empire, Communist Yugoslavia. Enjoy Sarajevo during a walking tour throughout the Old town – Bascarsija.
  • On the way to Bihac there is a small but gorgeous town Jajce. While on short tour before lunch, you will visit Jajce waterfall located in the town.
  • Bihac is a city on river Una. It is located on an extremely favorable position andhas always been a crossroad of important roads. The contact of East and West itself, old and new can be seen on every step. Natural beauties and food is something that cannot be denied to this city.


  • Discover the charm of Zagreb as you explore the city on a guided walking tour. Learn about the history of the city from an expert local guide, who will show you the hidden gems of the Croatian capital. Get an introduction to the rich history of the Croatian capital, dating back to medieval times.
  • Discover the beauty of Croatia’s oldest and most visited national park, Plitvice. Explore the picturesque watermill village of Rastoke, experience the stunning natural beauty of Plitvice Lakes National Park and enjoy the personalized attention of local guide.


  • Its river banks are filled with the great restaurants, and chic bars popular with visitors and locals alike. The town boasts the most relaxing atmosphere of all European capitals and offer endless cultural events and excellent quality of life. Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, is a beautiful small city situated on the river. Ljubljanica that flows between the city center and the castle hill above.


  • 1 night in Skopje – hotel „Semigalija“ 3* or hotel „De Koka“ 3*
  • 1 night in Tirana – hotel „Baron“ 4*
  • 1 night in Budva – hotel „Moskva“ 4*
  • 1 night in Dubrovnik – hotel „Adria“ 4*
  • 1 nights in Sarajevo – hotel „Terme Spa“ 4*
  • 1 night in BIhac – hotel „Emporium“ 4*
  • 1 night in Zagreb – hotel „Aristos“ 4*
  • 1 night in Ljubljana – hotel „Park“ 3* or hotel „Stil“ 3*
  • Private transport in Otokar Navigo 2016 (LCD, DVD, Fridge, Microphone)
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner included during entire trip, 0.5l of plain water per person
  • Professional English speaking tour leader and local guides
  • Entrance fees (Plitvice national park, Blagaj Dervish house)


  • Tips
  • Portage services
  • Travel insurance
  • Entrance fees if not specified

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